Here at Focus Physical Therapy we strive to give the best treatment possible through a combination of current evidence based practice and a combination of 65+ years of experience. We utilize a “team approach” to our Physical Therapy practice where we value our wide variety of skill sets between all of our clinicians. To continue to develop our Physical Therapist’s clinical expertise, we recently initiated an internal clinical education program, in addition to our external courses we have our clinicians take part in.

The purpose of our internal clinical education program is to educate our clinicians to utilize a variety of treatment techniques. We promote clinicians to utilize foundational ideologies of Cyriax, McKenzie, Maitland and combine those with new methods of Dry Needling, Graston technique, Cupping Therapy, Postural Restoration, etc, for a well rounded approach to patient care. Our education program develops clinicians to critically think “outside the box” for cases ranging from mild to severe complexity, provide a strong mentorship for our new clinicians, create sport specific training protocols for athletes of any level, internally educate about new treatment techniques available, and continue to promote creativity in exercise prescription for patient specific functional tasks.